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45 per cent increase in planning applications submitted to councils in the UK

This is an increase of 45% when compared with the same quarter last year, when the country was in and coming out of the first lockdown implemented to stem the spread of Covid-19.

District-level planning authorities granted 99,200 decisions, up by 38% compared with April to June 2020.

Of the major applications considered, 87% were decided within 13 weeks or the agreed time, two percentage points less than in the same quarter in 2020.

The statistical release states that 9,600 residential applications were granted between April and June 2021, 5% more than a year earlier. This breaks down to 1,200 major and 8,400 minor developments.

It also states that 2,000 commercial development applications were granted in April to June 2021, 19% more than the same period in 2020 and 68,900 householder applications were decided, a 59% increase on April to June 2020.

A total of 351,700 decisions were granted in the year ending June 2021, 9% more than the year ending June 2020. Of these, 39,500 residential developments were granted – 5,100 major and 34,300 minor developments, down by 3% and 6% respectively.

Planning Applications in England: April to June 2021 can be found on the UK Government website (pdf).

(source: https://www.planningportal.co.uk/news/article/796/planning_news_-_30_september_2021)